Re: [OMC-Boats] The Submarine Effect

From: Andy Perakes <aperakes@...>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 22:48:41 -0400

You get really wet and eat a very soggy lunch! Otherwise its not much
different - the bilge pump pumps and you just hope it catches up before the
next rogue wave comes along. Not that I seek out these kinds of conditions,
but on the great lakes, storms can come up very fast (I've seen the lake go
from flat to 4-footers in <10 minutes) with little to no warning. The waves
here also tend to be very "vertical" (a high frequency or saw tooth pattern
for those with electrical knowledge) as opposed to the giant rolling swells
you see in the ocean. You don't dare risk taking one broadside as it can
easily roll you, but you don't want to take them head on or you will
literally bury the entire front end to the point of possibly swamping
(fortunately these boats were ahead of their time in offering positive
flotation so they won't sink). So you do your best to take them on a
diagonal (like you're supposed to), but every now and then the wave pattern
breaks and one catches you no matter how careful you may be. The waves can
be great fun on a SeaDoo, but I've literally flipped a Hobie cat end over
end by burying a pontoon in a wave crest while hiking. Still, I'll take an
angry lake any day over those idiots that plow their cruisers with massive
trailing wakes right through the middle of fishing grounds - at least the
lake can't be accused of being ignorant or lacking courtesy!



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This opens up a whole new topic for me.
Last year, for the first time, 8 inches of water came pouring in over the
bow and left me ankle deep in water (inside the boat!). It scarred the hell
out of me! I had my Nephew hold his hand on the bielge pump switch for a
long time while I drove, and keeping the boats bow up, in order to get the
water out. After that I went straight home.
What the heck happens when a 6 foot wave comes crashing over the bow in a
sportsman or reveler? How does one recover after that?


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Subject: Re: [OMC-Boats] FW: Bearings and tires

Wow, lots of messaging today! Just a couple of points to add:


When shopping for trailer tires last year I found there was HUGE variation
in price. I needed standard 12" tires (for my SeaDoo) and the prices ranged
from $40 to a whopping $140 for the exact same tire. To my surprise, the
best price was at a regular tire store for cars (Belle Tire, a chain in the
Midwest)-one I almost didn't even bother to check. Yes, they had to order
them and I had to wait a few days, but the $200 was worth it. (Btw, they
were $100 more expensive than Costco for the Michelins I wanted on my car.)
An RV/Camper store was the highest with the ATV/SeaDoo dealer not much
better. Trailer stores and online were marginally better than Belle.


Also, and this may be obvious to most, but I thought I'd mention it in case
there are some that don't know, never leave home without a tire plugging kit
(, for example). As long as the
sidewall isn't damaged, nail, screw, and other punctures are very easy
5-minute (literally!) repairs with these kits. Just beware the plug is not
as robust as an unaltered tire and if you push it to its load/speed limit it
is more likely to fail than an unplugged tire. Under normal use it will
easily last the life of the tire.


Coincidentally, I got word today that my stern drive has been fully rebuilt
and is ready for pick-up. $730 + $65 for the forward clutch off eBay.
Pretty reasonable considering all the other parts (oil, seals, etc.) he had
to supply. I haven't had time to do squat all winter so there's no way I
would've gotten to it myself and I'm glad its done. Now if this ice jam
would just break up I'd be all set!


Andy Perakes

'67 Reveler 155 (aka "Lee's surrogate submarine" - but you haven't lived
until you've taken a 6-footer over the bow or stern!)



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WOW, thanks Don, someones been paying attention and tracking the details!!!


OK I found my reciept from my wheel swap:


3ea. B78-13/6 high speed boat trailer tubeless (the tires)

3ea 8035512 13x5.5 5-4.5 allied type 80 white spoke RWD (these are the rims
13 inch x5.5 inch wide 5 lug with a 4.5 inch pattern)

3ea tubles valve stems

10 lug nuts (yes they are 5 lug rims)

2 centercaps (just cuz they were pretty)

2 bearing/seals

1 labor for packing bearings


total $346.03 I think I paid the machinist $70 bucks to turn down the hubs


this works great on my 16' trailer with the torsion bar suspension (no brake
option, but OMC did offer a hydraulic disk brake option on the 16' according
to my orig trailer manual....




Mar 25, 2010 04:23:09 PM, omc-boats@... wrote:

I'm gonna send Richard and Chuck a cigar!
Thankyou, that is exactly the information I was hoping to receive.
I'm going to head to my local Bearing retailer tommorow.
Now, in order to nail this Evinrude/Johnson trailer information to the wall
I'm going to recap what I've learned so far;
Regarding the 1967 Evinrude/Johnson 16 foot trailer (with tortion
suspension)(manufactured without brakes) the following apply.
Hub is 4 post
Tire size is 6.90 x 9
Originally had 10 ply nylon tires. (rated for a maximum of ???? pounds)
Fairly easily available today are 6 ply tires which are rated for a maximum
of 1120 pounds each (and this makes them a bit overloaded for hauling a 67
sportsman boat).
Trailer will accept tire size St175/80D-13 but the original trailer hub will
need to be machined slightly to accept this new tire size and it's
corresponding new rim. (BC Howk is this a 4 or 5 hole rim?)
Or, another Option is to replace the whole axle assembly with a new modern
torflex axle and its corresponding components.

Inside Bearing
Seal (hub) = OMC part 901288 (C/R 12124 Seal)

Bearing cup (Race) = OMC part 900474 (Temken part L44610)

Bearing cone (Bearing) = OMC part 975596,
(According to Chuck, = Temken part L44643) ?
(According to Richard, = Temken part L44649) ?

Outside Bearing
Bearing cup (Race) = OMC part 900474 (Temken part L44610)

Bearing cone (Bearing) = OMC part 975596,
(According to Chuck, = Temken part L44643) ?
(According to Richard, = Temken part L44649) ?

Regarding the 1967 Evinrude/Johnson 16 foot trailer (with tortion
suspension)(manufactured with brakes) the following apply.
Hub is 5 post
Tire size is ____x___
Did these Originally have 10 ply nylon tires? (rated for a maximum of ????
Inside Bearing
Bearing cup (Race) = OMC part 900474 (Temken part L44610)
Bearing cone (Bearing) = OMC part 975150 (Temken part ?????? )
Seal Brake Drum = OMC part 975149
Retainer Grease = OMC part 900521
Outside Bearing
Bearing cup (Race) = OMC part 900475 (Temken part ??????)
Bearing cone (Bearing) = OMC part 975151 (Temken part ??????)

Tire size 6.90 x 9 10 ply cost;
Around $80.00 in Denver
Tire size 6.90 x 9 6 ply cost today 6-24-2010;
$62.14 each in Washington State.

$125 in St. Louis.
$150 a pop in Oregon.
Tire size ST175/80D-13 by nanco......good, cheap, common trailer tires on
13 inch nicely under the stock trailer with origional fenders
(with slight modifications to Original Evinrude Trailer Hubs)

Cost is approximately ???.


Have I got this right?


Thanks for all the information,

I appreciate it.





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> Subject: Re: [OMC-Boats] Bearings and tires
> Here are the numbers off the bearings, race and seals
> Trailer Bearing Numbers
> Timken L44643 Bearing
> Timken L44610 Race
> C/R 12124 Seal
> Tires are still made by Carlisle around $60.00 each from a tire dealer
> they are 6 ply not 8 ply. I pulled a boat and trailer back from
> Hackensack, Mn to without problems except the guy thT was supposed to
> REPLACE the bearings and repack DIDN'T.
> Good luck
> Sent from my iPhone
> Chuck Breen.




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