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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 15:53:11 -0400

I had to pull my old Glastron off the trailer once. I used a fairly
redneck method. Backed the boat up to a tree and tied the rear of the
boat to the tree. Untie the boat from the trailer and start to pull
the truck forward. As the boat comes off the trailer, have a buddy
stack some old tires in strategic locations. Pull out a little more,
add more tires. When you get to the bow, make sure you ass a few extra
layers of tires. You want the bow a bit higher. Then pull the trailer
the rest of the way out and the boat will be sitting on tires.
Winching it back up on is a little tedious. Just back the trailer up
to the boat and start cranking. It helps to have someone back up the
trailer a bit at a time while you crank. And keep the hose and a big
bottle of liquid soap handy. Keep the bunks/rollers and hull wet and

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 12:43 PM, Lee K. Shuster (lks) <LKS@...> wrote:
> Just some additional thoughts:
> I agree with Doug on taking the easiest path. Also, (at least in my neck of
> the woods) I have used three different vendors that can and have all lifted
> my boat off its trailer:
> a) Fiberglass repair facility
> b) Trailer repair facility
> c) Boat dealer
> For the hour or two it takes to go weigh and inspect your trailer they
> probably would NOT charge a storage fee, and you might get the LIFT thrown
> in for free with  a waxing and cleaning of the hull, for example.
> If you turn this into a DIY project (which I would never attempt without
> proper overhead winch/crane/lift equipment) be sure and lighten the boat as
> much as possible, including removal of the sterndrive leg.
> It almost sounds as if you want to have the boat on blocks for an extended
> period of time?
> Nexi, where are you located?
> Lee
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>> The easiest way to get the boat off the trailer is to launch it.  Isn't
>> there some ramp with a dock where you can moor it for a little while?
>> Also, the boat can be safely hung by the lifting eyes.  Boats are designed
>> to be transferred by crane from a trailer to the water - I've done it many
>> times.  If I were you, I'd look harder for appropriate trees.  You could
>> hang the boat, let air out of the tires, and drive the trailer out from
>> under it... I think.
>> That cinder-block cradle sounds like a potential disaster, although your
>> locations are probably OK.  The hardest part will be getting the boat back
>> onto the trailer.  I might hang the boat with 2x8's under the trailer tires,
>> then omit the 2x8's when I again back the trailer under the boat...
>> Or maybe you could jack up one quadrant of the trailer, block the boat and
>> let it down onto the blocks, then move to the next quadrant, until all four
>> corners of the boat were up on blocks.  A lot of work, though.
>> Just thinking out loud here...
>> -Doug Julien
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>>> Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010, 9:26 PM
>>> Hiya all! Temps are rising here in the
>>> Northeast so it's time to start working on
>>> things. So I've got a trailer with no VIN # and no
>>> title that needs to be titled and registered. Looks
>>> like I'm going to have to get the trailer weighed and
>>> inspected in order to obtain a title. It's going to
>>> be classified as homemade. The problem I've got it how
>>> to get the boat off the trailer and on to blocks, the right
>>> way. I have done some google searching but figured
>>> I'd ask here. What's the best way to get my
>>> Sportsman 120 off the trailer and is it safe to put it
>>> on cinder blocks? I've read all sorts of stuff from
>>> using a tow truck to hanging the boat from a tree, none of
>>> these are an option for me.
>>> I'm figuring cinder blocks and a 2x8 on each side
>>> of the stern. Moving forward about 3/4 of the
>>> boat's length towards the bow I would put cinder blocks
>>> and 2x8s on each of the outer sections of the hull.
>>> (The 'wing' section as I call it). I'd love
>>> to get some input from you folks.
>>> Thanks!
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