[omc-boats] Dividing the Group? Outboards and Sterndrives -- Nah

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Just my .02 cents worth --

I don't think the differences between outboard and sterndrive models warrant
different mail lists.
I enjoy seeing the q & a's in one central place. My advice is keep them the
same and we'll all learn from each other.

Structurally there are two longitudinal "stringers" in the floors of both
model-powered boats. As has already been mentioned, the brochure pictures on
your website show the hull and it's stringers before the deck, floor and
foam and installed.

The "Stringer" name was applied to the early OMC (62-77) sterndrives
retro-actively to describe their "floating" transom aperature.
Volvos, MerCruisers, Eatons all used rigid transom mounts due to their
CV-joints drives. The 400/800 sterndrives also continued the "stringer"
mounting scheme.

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City

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> Ian wrote:
>> I know this is more of a stringer-based discussion ...
> Discussion on this list does seem to revolve around inboard engine
> issues, but that isn't what I had planned, just the way things worked
> out!
> I guess the majority of boats were sold with I/O drives, there are
> other forums devoted to outboard engines, and they're easier to replace!
> Not that I have personal interest, but I've considered creating a
> seperate forum for the I/O stringer drives, tho I'm not sure how easy
> it would be to keep the traffic seperate...
> phil
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