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Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 21:51:40 EDT

Yeah, it's a 3 cylinder, the same design that OMC made for many years - it's
a tank and parts are everywhere and everybody's worked on it. The 90S was
only made for one or two years, and parts and experience are hard to come by.
The electric shift compounded the problem - the solenoids were shot and they
weren't exactly laying around either.

In retrospect I think the 90S was already beat when I got it and I'm not sure
I was seeing its best. It pushed the boat about 30mph and so does the 70hp,
but it takes a little longer to get there. I would have gone bigger if I
could have (the boat's rated to 130hp), but it was June and I wanted to get in the
water and larger outboards were hard to find and expensive. But I did want
an Evinrude. This one fell into my lap for $675.

Does your 16 have the individually-anchored seats? I like that feature for
fishing because I can mount only one or two depending and still have all the
back for casting.


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