[omc-boats] New guy - OMC Boats

From: Dan McCormack <mcmack@...>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 21:46:27 +0000

Hi everyone...

Just joined the list a few days ago having acquire a 1966 Evinrude Sweet 16
w/100S outboard. I've been reading the various eMails and have gotten the
impression that OMC boats are perhaps collectable and maybe becoming
scarce..... is this right ? I ask because here in Ontario they really
aren't that hard to come by. On my lake alone I can think of several still
in regualr use. I bought mine to use as a work boat. Even though it is in
fair to good condition it doesn't seem to be considered anything special
around this area. Anyhow, I like the old girl and I certainly understand
the interest in all things old.

Regards to all,

Dan McCormack
Baysville, Ontario

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