Re: [omc-boats] hello from new member

From: neal maschke <caddimax@...>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 21:52:32 -0500

Hi David,
Thanks for the reply and the information on the ball gears, they look about 1/2 worn. I'm just thinking ahead about having parts on the shelf so when they do go I have them. I think the boat was crusing around Lake Michigan she still has the vintage compass (its large) and on the dash there is labels for the channels on the radio and has an mount for the antenna Now since I've been a member some things puzzle me about my boat...and I can't find other 68 Surfers but mine has a 283 chevy and the color is lt blue and white and the original interior color was (shit) brown and (shit) brown carpet. You think this was right? If you go to omc site you can see mine. At this time I'm redoing all the side panels and hopefully I'll have them done before memorial day I want to get to put my boat in the water for the first time and nothing major goes wrong. Well stay afloat.

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