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<< I've also run across a couple of ads on this site that lead me to believe
that mixing the fuel with oil was not necessary in their stern drive engines
( Is
this true of all of their stern drives? >>

I don't think the boats that used outboard power heads with stern drives had
an oil tank back in those days. Those engines required a 50:1 oil/fuel
mixture and
if they are run without oil added to the fuel, they won't have any power and
seize up. The engine will overheat quickly. If you have run the engine
oil in the fuel, you may have damaged it and possibly "galled" the pistons
and bearings. If it still runs, add oil and pray that it is not ruined.

Only the V-6 and V-8 engines with out drives were 4 cycle engines. Those
would have been in the boats similar to the Johnson Seasport 155 and Surfer

Good luck !

Lee Hazen - 71 Johnson Surfer - Old Hickory Lake, Hendersonville, TN
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