[omc-boats] 66 Caprice

From: Ben Swenson <omcboats@...>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 02:20:53 -0700


I just purchased a 66 Caprice from my father in law, and found this site. We got the boat running and have even had it out on the lake twice for some test runs. The boat seems to run okay, if sluggish. Might be over-propped, or might be an engine problem. It doesn't want to plane unless we hit choppy water. It also takes quite a bit of starter fluid to get it going. I'm guessing that the fuel pump is to blame, as I'm sure this isn't the original, and it doesn't even have a primer bulb.

I've also run across a couple of ads on this site that lead me to believe that mixing the fuel with oil was not necessary in their stern drive engines (http://www.ultimate.com/omc-boats/gallery/lee.shuster/1964guide/10a.jpg). Is this true of all of their stern drives? If so, where is the oil tank located? How do I check the lower gear oil as well as checking to make sure the thermostat is working correctly? Is there anything else that needs to be checked right away?



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