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<< Have you ever had any serious water build-up in the boat? >>


Thanks for your tips. I'm saving them for future reference.

I don't know the history of the boat. The water apparently was in the engine
during the time the previous owner had it - 6 months or so. He ran it like

I love those old Johnson boats - I've had 3 l969 Seasport 155s, a 1970 155,
a 73 Chris Craft Dolphin and this one, a 71 "Surfer".

We had a club here about 20 years ago and had 4 or 5 Seasports and other
Johnsons running together.

I found this Surfer parked in front of a duplex two years ago and inquired if
might be for sale. Yes, It was and $1,000 was the asking price which was
But I had no idea of the water in the oil problem and I don't think the
seller did
either. The fellow he bought it from kept it in a barn and there is no
that the boat may have filled with water. I did get a lot of water in it
when I
forgot to remove the drain plug and rainwater built up where it covered the
by a few inches - but that was long after I had drained the block of oil.

I'm going to flush the engine and put fresh oil and filter in it and run it
see what happens. IF it runs OK, I'll put it in the lake and see how she
If I discover water infiltration in the oil, I'll try to investigate
further, but since
I have a pontoon boat that I use often, I don't really need to have this boat.
I'm going to be 64 in Nov and just don't have the time or energy for projects
like this anymore.

If someone has access to a good chevy 307 engine, this would be a good
project boat. I know the out drive is good as I drained it and put new oil
in it
right after I bought it. No evidence of any water in the oil there.

The hull is clean as the boat has always been stored on the trailer and never
left in the lake.

Are the pictures still up on the site?

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