Re: [omc-boats] 19' Johnson Surfer - intake manifold OK

From: LeeHazen@...
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 11:11:47 EDT


I talked to my mechanic yesterday. They removed the input manifold and
could not find a souce of the water leak into the engine block. He suggested
that it might be a head gasket or a crack from a frozen block.

None of the freeze plugs were disturbed which makes me think that freezing
may not be the problem.

I ran the engine about 15 seconds after I got the boat home and it sounded
normal (2 years ago) so I'm doubtful of a head gasket problem.

Can anyone think of any other way that water could have gotten in the oil?

I'd say that there were about 2 quarts of oil thoroughly mixed with the oil
with a consistancy of honey - looked like grey honey.

I will sell this boat as-is, where-is with the manifold re-installed and with
the original Johnson tilt trailer. I have $1,000 invested not including the
bill for removing and re-mounting the intake manifold (edelbrock).

If I can't get any offers, I'm going to consider parting out the boat. I
know the
out drive is in good condition and its' sale alone should recover my

There is a nice stereo and a very nice depth finder installed in the boat, so
if one of you wants to buy it and repair it or part it out, that's fine.

Make me an offer - - -

Lee Hazen
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