Re: [omc-boats] 19' Johnson Surfer - intake manifold OK

From: Andy Perakes <aperakes@...>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 14:01:39 -0400

It's tough when you don't know the history. I hope it was just a fluke and
the problem doesn't recur after you refill everything.

If you are referring to the pics of my interior Philloaded, I just checked
and yes they are still there. Since I've now registered our boat in Canada
and keep it at our summer home there, I only work on it during weekends and
vacation. It took a lot of time because of that, but the actual number of
hours wasn't bad at all -- maybe 40 hours. I insist on at least 3 coats of
spar varnish on both sides of the wood so that drags things out when you
only can do 1 or 2 coats a weekend.

I might be inclined to pick up another boat to use for fishing in MI, but
first I have to clean out my garage to make room.

Good luck!

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> << Have you ever had any serious water build-up in the boat? >>
> Andy,
> Thanks for your tips. I'm saving them for future reference.
> I don't know the history of the boat. The water apparently was in the
> during the time the previous owner had it - 6 months or so. He ran it
> that.
> I love those old Johnson boats - I've had 3 l969 Seasport 155s, a 1970
> a 73 Chris Craft Dolphin and this one, a 71 "Surfer".
> We had a club here about 20 years ago and had 4 or 5 Seasports and other
> Johnsons running together.
> I found this Surfer parked in front of a duplex two years ago and inquired
> it
> might be for sale. Yes, It was and $1,000 was the asking price which was
> fine.
> But I had no idea of the water in the oil problem and I don't think the
> seller did
> either. The fellow he bought it from kept it in a barn and there is no
> evidence
> that the boat may have filled with water. I did get a lot of water in it
> when I
> forgot to remove the drain plug and rainwater built up where it covered
> floor
> by a few inches - but that was long after I had drained the block of oil.
> I'm going to flush the engine and put fresh oil and filter in it and run
> and
> see what happens. IF it runs OK, I'll put it in the lake and see how she
> runs.
> If I discover water infiltration in the oil, I'll try to investigate
> further, but since
> I have a pontoon boat that I use often, I don't really need to have this
> I'm going to be 64 in Nov and just don't have the time or energy for
> like this anymore.
> If someone has access to a good chevy 307 engine, this would be a good
> project boat. I know the out drive is good as I drained it and put new
> in it
> right after I bought it. No evidence of any water in the oil there.
> The hull is clean as the boat has always been stored on the trailer and
> left in the lake.
> Are the pictures still up on the site?
> Lee
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