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It sounds crazy. I'm not sure about a 17, but I'd want a 19 or 69-70 16. Why? The 64-68 16 is prone to submarining its bow any time its not on plane. Ask me how I and hundreds of others know. Also, the same holds for taking water over the transom. (Yeah, I know, that's what auto-bailers and bilge pumps are for.)

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Hey - there's an endeavour of the sort usually thought up only by Brits in Pubs...cross the Atlantic in a Sportsman and deliver it to Jorgen. Problem is I can't think of who'd sponsor it...and of course it'd be running in salt water,,,,eeewwwww!

in Denver

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Keen eyes will spot the rare rear bench seat on the 68 sportsman and the missing front lens on the 64 Johnson 17

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'68 Sportsman in Okauchee Looks clean! $975

There's also this '64 Deluxe in Northern California
$900 4 cyl - $900

in Denver

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