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Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 14:29:25 -0500 (CDT)
Tried to send this info with a pic last night...guess the photo is too big
Sounds like ya'll are finding some decent pricing on the tires....My local Les Schwab tire dealer said they could still get the them but they'd have to special order them at the tune of $150 bucks a pop and said they would have them in less than 2 weeks (about 13 days too long a lead time for my taste) ..
At that point I imagined myself out in the middle of know, central oregon:-) with a nail in my new $150 tire or WORSE a damaged rim; with my spare rim and tire long gone...I opted to spend a little time and about $100 bucks more to change the rims and tires to something a little more modern, well maybe more common anyway. The tire shop was super cool and took off the hubs and let me keep the trailer there overnight while I got the hubs machined down (just a hair) so that they'd accept the new "Standard" sized wheel, they installed the new bearings, put on 2 brand new basic steel trailer wheels and tires (complete with little chrome caps and nuts) and I even picked up a spare for just a tad over $400 total (as I recall)...Gotta tell you, when I tow now at least I don't worry about those crappy old tires falling apart under my baby. The wheels and tires can be obtained ANYWHERE (even central oregon, LOL) and they look pretty good I'm happy with my choice....hope it doesn't offend the OEM purists out there
The tires are ST175/80D-13 by nanco......good, cheap, common trailer tires on 13 inch nicely under the stock trailer with origional fenders

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I have a friend here in the industrial  / trailer tire business.
If anybody wants a pair I can facilitate it for cost plus postage.
in Denver

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Where are you getting the 10-ply for $80?  I'm paying about $125 each in St. Louis - for a bare, unmounted tire.

I've run on the Carlisles and they work, at least for a while, just run them up to the maximum pressure of 60# and keep them there - they still get a little hot from sidewall flexing.  With a Sportsman they're about 14% overloaded.  The 10-ply have a maximum pressure of 100# and I run with them at 80#.

The bearings are some standard size which I can't remember but are avalable at any Farm and Fleet-type store.

-Doug Julien

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I found 10 ply for $80 - 6 ply for $55
in Denver

Tires are still made by Carlisle around $60.00 each from a tire dealer they are 6 ply not 8 ply. I pulled a boat and trailer back from Hackensack, Mn to without problems except the guy thT was supposed to REPLACE the bearings and repack DIDN'T.
Good luck
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