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Man, I just hate seeing these boats sitting in a field uncovered and left there to rot.  That Reveler looks like its had some hefty repairs, but I'm still tempted to check it out as a parts boat.  Unfortuantely I have no place to store another boat, but....  If any of you folks on the list are interested in exploring "opportunities" with this boat, let me know.  Its only about an hour drive and I wouldn't mind an early season trip to Cabela's (near there) to at least check it out.  I could go Saturday morning, but need to know asap to make arrangements.

Thanks for the look, Peter!

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As usual, these boats are most likely inaccurately described by their owners:

The 19 Dolphin was never originally built with a 350 Chevy, most likely it has the 5.0L 307.

And the 16 ft in Toledo is NOT a 120 but rather a 155 Buick/Kaiser Jeep V6.

On Mar 10, 2010, at 10:58 PM, Peter Crowl wrote:

Dolphin in Louisville -
Reveler in Toledo -
Sweet 16 in Tulsa - 90hp I/O  - I have a full photo set if anybody wants to see it - email me directly - he's asking $600  -

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