[OMC-Boats] Thanks

From: Peter Crowl <finboats@...>
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 11:31:22 -0600

Thanks for the welcome!
I do search CL and use the site mash services. I also have boat hobby
friends on the lookout in the midwest... so something will turn up.

I know good upholstery is the holy grail but something with recovers or Bass
Pro seats just wouldn't do it for me. I can still see - in my addled minds
eye - my neighbors circling the lake putting on break in hours - full top up
- cold grey day - 1966 - probably late April in Wisconsin...that was a sweet

A friend just advised that he heard of one near him - last fall - "has the
running lights on the sides"....Hmmm :~)

in Denver
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