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I would suggest that you regularly check in the Fort Sale section of Phil's OMC Boats site, as well as eBay, and Doug's suggestion of Craig's List.

Also, the Johnson SeaSport and Johnson Reveler used the identical hull mold as the Evinrude. Other than trim, color and deck variations they are the same boat. For a summary of all OMC boat models see my web page:

Good luck and let us know how your search goes.

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City

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Hi Peter:

Do a Google search on the following and set a browser link for the result. Check it once a week or so:

evinrude sportsman

It'll turn up Sportsmans across the country, in every condition. It's been slow out there but Spring will turn up more boats.

-Doug Julien

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> Um - hi - my name is Peter and I'm
> looking for an OMC Boat
> As a kid growing up on a small lake in Wisconsin there
> were two boats I coveted -
> A Glasspar G3 and a Sportsman 155. I've had the G3
> - and now I'm looking for the Sportsman - or varient
> thereof.
> I'm now in Denver but will travel to the Fertile
> Triangle (WI, IL, MN) for one.
> I'm seeking a nice example - running - with good
> upholstery.
> Thanks for your attention and any help!
> Peter
> in Denver
> www.Finboats.Com
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