Re: [OMC-Boats] carb question....bittersweet weekend outing

From: Andy Perakes <aperakes@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 19:37:00 -0400

There's really nothing to go bad on a thermocouple so about the only common
problem is entering the wrong calibration in the indicator. That's not
likely since you're seeing numbers that sound about right (generally you'd
see things well out of whack over a range). Since I'm already late getting
in the water this year, I probably won't get around to investigating a
back-up gauge until the fall or winter, but I'll pass along anything

Thanks. Fortunately I work for Ford and we're making some good things
happen, but with suppliers going bankrupt on what seems a daily basis we're
all affected somehow.

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>> JD: I was going to ask before if you were sure your temp. guage was
>> reading accurately, but odds are with it stalling and giving what seem
>> like accurate readings later, that's probably not it. Still, it may be
>> worth checking to be sure -- the calibration could be off or set
>> incorrectly.
> i was a brand new gauge with a matching sender i had just
> bought/installed about a week ago. Switched hoses around and
> literallly watched the needle move down from 225 and hold steady at 170.
> amazing what a reversed hose can do! So now with hoses in right
> places I am back up to pegging temps for some reason. Slight chance
> it's the gauge....but doubtful. I don't know the mechanics of the guts
> of a sending unit, but i'm guessing they don't just fail all of the
> sudden....but maybe so?
> It was only $16 at Schucks Auto Parts.......worth it for me to get
> another as a back up to test things in times like this.
>> I kinda like your last idea, though I'm thinking about taking it one
>> step further and setting it as a redundant guage. On the bright side,
>> at least you got a good day of boating in and hit trouble on the way
>> back to the dock instead of the way out.
> yep - could've been much worse. Had it not started getting to choppy
> to be enjoyable, I would probably still be out on that lake waiting for
> a tow back.
>> I'll be launching for the 1st time this w/e (work has been brutal -- the
>> negative side of being lucky enough to still be employed as an
>> automotive engineer). Hopefully I won't find any demons this year!
> good luck with both! hope you don't work for GM.
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>> Subject: Re: [OMC-Boats] carb question....bittersweet weekend outing
>>> andy... not sure what engine you have.....but i have exactly the same
>>> problem.... move the throttle slowly and I can get almost 30 MPH on the
>>> GPS...
>>> was thinking of replacing the carb altogether as i have cleaned and
>>> soaked it twice..............Dan...........spark arrestor ?????
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>>> Subject: Re: [OMC-Boats] carb question....bittersweet weekend outing
>>>> Thanks andy - marking starting points is a good idea.
>>>> i'm still trying to see if i can pinpoint more what's going on before
>>>> i start twisting those screws. I had a interesting weekend with the
>>>> boat. Camped next to a huge lake. A huge lake that looked like a
>>>> miniature ocean, was very choppy and had about 2 other boats on it.
>>>> And there I was with a boat that I wasn't accelerating up to plane
>>>> and stalled out a few times when tested a few days before. But
>>>> nothing ventured nothing gained, right? First and foremost - it
>>>> started right up, and ran well enough to take family members out for
>>>> short little spins around in the whitecaps. Just getting to that
>>>> point and being out there zipping around was a huge milestone for me.
>>>> As far as the carb/ running thing......I ran it the whole time without
>>>> the cowling on. It didn't completely fix things, but seemed to run
>>>> a bit better. So air supply is a partial problem and will be easily
>>>> fixed when I soon vent the cowling. (and clean the spark arrestor)
>>>> Next, fortunately the throttle didn't completely bog when I would
>>>> just move it slowly up in increments. I'd move it a little, take
>>>> my hand off, and then let the engine sort of "catch up" to where the
>>>> throttle was set, then move it some more, until eventually was
>>>> cruising around at almost full speed. And the best part is the temp
>>>> was always holding solid at 160-170. So FUN! My last boat
>>>> was an '80 Glastron with a Johnson 110 outboard, and this '64 Deluxe
>>>> seems to be faster and handle the chop a bit better - love that.
>>>> So, even though it wasn't running tip top, it was enough to get by
>>>> with and I was on cloud nine. Then of course doom had to strike. I
>>>> was on my last run heading back towards the dock (fortunately) at
>>>> almost full throttle when it started to sputter a little.........i
>>>> instinctively glanced at the brand new temp gauge and it was pegged
>>>> (somewhere over 250). Yet water was flowing through the hoses just
>>>> fine. (I still have my clear hoses on from all the previous
>>>> testing). Immediately shut it down. Felt the manifolds, top of
>>>> water pump - things were hot, but nothing close to 250 degrees.
>>>> Waited 2-3 minutes and then started it back up and went very slowly
>>>> back to the ramp. It started right back up, nothing to weird with
>>>> the way it ran. So hopefully I didn't do any permanent damage.
>>>> So now I don't what is up. Turned the key on after it was cold, and
>>>> temp gauge reads 0. All wires still connected in back. Guess I'll
>>>> take it back out this week for some more testing and see if it climbs
>>>> right up to hot, or holds at 160 for awhile and then jumps up to
>>>> hot. No matter what, I am getting a temp gauge with a built in
>>>> buzzer warning.
>>>> On Jun 19, 2009, at 4:39 PM, Andy Perakes wrote:
>>>>> Tuning a carb is more art than science. Since its already running
>>>>> bad, you won't hurt anything by messing with it. Its helpful if you
>>>>> keep track of the original positions in case you get too far off and
>>>>> need a "known running" spot to return to: It can be easy to lose
>>>>> count from where you started so I usually run it all the way down,
>>>>> keeping careful count of the turns. This gives you a reference
>>>>> point to work from. It can also be helpful to know how many turns
>>>>> until the needle pops out so it doesn't inadvertatently pop out
>>>>> unexpectedly and cause something to get lost. Pulling it out gives
>>>>> you the change to inspect for contamination, varnish build-up, etc.
>>>>> too. Just be careful you don't lose the darn things -- tie a string
>>>>> on them if you have to.
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>>>>>> perfect - thanks! i'm printing this out and taking it with me out
>>>>>> there.
>>>>>> On Jun 19, 2009, at 1:30 PM, <rees4@...> wrote:
>>>>>>> those are your idle mixture screws. i'm assuming you have a 1970 2
>>>>>>> bbl carb. if so screw each one in gently until they stop on the
>>>>>>> needle seat. back them both out 1 1/2 turns. this should get you
>>>>>>> close. run until your boat is fully warmed up then one screw at a
>>>>>>> time turn the screw to the right slowly till the engine just
>>>>>>> starts to hesitate and stall. next turn it to the left until the
>>>>>>> fuel mixture is rich and the engine starts to lope or run rough.
>>>>>>> then turn the screw to the right until engine runs smooth.all this
>>>>>>> is done at idle. hope this helps. if someone knows more i won't be
>>>>>>> offended if you chime in.
>>>>>>> ed
>>>>>>> ---- jd <jdood@...> wrote:
>>>>>>>> so no one knows and/or wants to take a crack at what the two
>>>>>>>> adjusting
>>>>>>>> screws under the carb actually do? would love to i
>>>>>>>> don't make things worse by guessing my way through.
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