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Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 12:02:22 -0400

Lee --
Thx. Just wanted to confirm that test point. I was mainly making sure
the shift wire test was to be done at that point in the wiring.

Good news -- we are running on OMC Premium Blend (checked the bottle).
So that also explains why reverse works so well. My guess is a broken
spring. Off it goes to the boat docs at Tri-Town Marine in Harrington,


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> Your Step 3 question: Well you "should" have a decent ground back
> to the
> engine or negitive battery terminal, but that's not always the real-
> world
> situation. Personally, I would find some bare metal on the down-leg
> case for
> my lower gear case ground point. You can always check the ground
> resistance
> each physical step of the way back to the engine block/battery.
> Ah, so now the truth comes out -- We are not running Type C, eh?
> Mmmmmmm.......that means consulting the OMC Gods....It would be a
> good idea
> not to re-apply power to the coils.
> I'd also take readings with and without the rogue lubricant present.
> I've personally never cracked open the lower gear case. I've hear it
> takes
> nuclear-power snap ring pliers to get those buggers apart. :-)
> Lee
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