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From: David <odin@...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 15:33:17 -0500

No, this one was down by Diamond Bluff Wisconsin - and has been there
for many years as well - I took it out this weekend for the first time -
jumped out of the water - engine is like new regarding power - But, I
want to once again warn everyone with these old OMCs - very carefully
check every inch of your fuel lines and the fuel pump - I found a bad
spot on the fuel line on this one that was not obvious - after two
explosions I have become very gun shy - or should I say gas shy! So
please, everyone go out and carefully inspect your lines and fuel
pumps. Dave

Glenn Halweg wrote:

> Dave,
> Curious, is this the SeaSport that's been sitting on Hy 51 between
> Woodruff and Mercer Wisconsin? I drive by there several times a year,
> have wanted to stop but timing was never right. Reason I ask is went
> by this last week-end and it's gone.
> Glenn
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> Hey everyone,
> Just picked up my 10th OMC - actually this will be my 7th still in
> possession - 16' SeaSport V6 - in exceptionally good condition -
> everything, yes, everything works! lights, gages, tilt, engine -
> everything. and the seats are even in great shape - The owner was
> just looking to dump it- only paid $500.00 for it! My only
> problem is figuring out how I am going to hide it from my wife? I
> have two in the driveway at home now, one in the lot at work, two
> in the lot at our marina and one hanging from the houseboat and
> the only option is the driveway at home - think she will notice
> it? Dave

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