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Good Advice Dave!

Three years ago, on my very first (attempted) outing with the Sportsman, I was thwarted by a small gas leak at the cut-off valve. Fortunately it was spotted on the launch ramp.
Note: (I always disconnect the battery and shut-off the fuel on the ramp before trailering home, reversing the process just prior to launching).

I'm also very happy with the performance of the CruzPro Gas Vapor detector: These devices and others like them should be required safety equipment, especially on Inboard or I/O's. see:

The CruzPro GD is sensitive enough that if I'm idling (as in trolling) or circling around a skier it will alert. Running the bilge/blower will usually shut it up. Also, getting underway will push enough air thru the engine bay. I'm also thinking of adding an additional cowl vent and blower to keep the bilge air "fresher."

/Lee Shuster
/Salt Lake City

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  No, this one was down by Diamond Bluff Wisconsin - and has been there for many years as well - I took it out this weekend for the first time - jumped out of the water - engine is like new regarding power - But, I want to once again warn everyone with these old OMCs - very carefully check every inch of your fuel lines and the fuel pump - I found a bad spot on the fuel line on this one that was not obvious - after two explosions I have become very gun shy - or should I say gas shy! So please, everyone go out and carefully inspect your lines and fuel pumps. Dave

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    Curious, is this the SeaSport that's been sitting on Hy 51 between Woodruff and Mercer Wisconsin? I drive by there several times a year, have wanted to stop but timing was never right. Reason I ask is went by this last week-end and it's gone.

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      Hey everyone,
      Just picked up my 10th OMC - actually this will be my 7th still in possession - 16' SeaSport V6 - in exceptionally good condition - everything, yes, everything works! lights, gages, tilt, engine - everything. and the seats are even in great shape - The owner was just looking to dump it- only paid $500.00 for it! My only problem is figuring out how I am going to hide it from my wife? I have two in the driveway at home now, one in the lot at work, two in the lot at our marina and one hanging from the houseboat and the only option is the driveway at home - think she will notice it? Dave

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