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Hi Scott,

The little Chevy II 120-hp 4-banger was sold in the 19-foots and they claimed to get 32 mph max (single crew member). You can use the Speed calculator on my webpage to estimate how the V6 will perform in the 19-foot hull. (The 307 would push the 19-ft to an honest 40 mph) See:

My guess using this calculator is you'll see about 36 mph with 1-2 people on board and a full tank of gas at sea level. Just be sure and change out the gear ratios for the V6 as the V8 leg is geared too tall for the V6 and you won't be able to find a short-enough pitched prop to allow the v6 engine to develop 4200 - 4400 RPM at WOT.

Depending on how you use the boat (activities and number of people) you may not gain any economy. Also the V6 doesn't idle nearly as smoothly as the small block Chevy V8.

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City

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  I had an interesting thought today.....I'm working on getting a '70 Dolphin to possibly replace my '70 Seasport. Basically the same boat, but 3 ft longer and with the 307 210 HP V8. Now I have a very healthy 225 V6 155hp, how do you think this engine would perform in the 19' Dolphin? The Dolphin is 500lb heavier, but some of that is engine weight, I wonder how it would do with the smaller engine. Most guys go the other direction, bigger, but I like the little 6's economy. I like to go fast, but don't run WOT all that much. I'd say if I get 32mph or better that is good with me.


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