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From: David <odin@...>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 09:27:39 -0500

I agree with Lee - little gain in economy and a lot lost in power and
smoothness - With the Rochester Quadrajet carb, all you have to do is
run it without opening the back high speed jets - easy to do since you
will immeadiately hear them sucking when they open - Dave

lib1@... wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> The little Chevy II 120-hp 4-banger was sold in the 19-foots and they
> claimed to get 32 mph max (single crew member). You can use the Speed
> calculator on my webpage to estimate how the V6 will perform in the
> 19-foot hull. (The 307 would push the 19-ft to an honest 40 mph) See:
> My guess using this calculator is you'll see about 36 mph with 1-2
> people on board and a full tank of gas at sea level. Just be sure and
> change out the gear ratios for the V6 as the V8 leg is geared too tall
> for the V6 and you won't be able to find a short-enough pitched prop
> to allow the v6 engine to develop 4200 - 4400 RPM at WOT.
> Depending on how you use the boat (activities and number of people)
> you may not gain any economy. Also the V6 doesn't idle nearly as
> smoothly as the small block Chevy V8.
> Lee Shuster
> Salt Lake City
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> I had an interesting thought today.....I'm working on getting a
> '70 Dolphin to possibly replace my '70 Seasport. Basically the
> same boat, but 3 ft longer and with the 307 210 HP V8. Now I have
> a very healthy 225 V6 155hp, how do you think this engine would
> perform in the 19' Dolphin? The Dolphin is 500lb heavier, but
> some of that is engine weight, I wonder how it would do with the
> smaller engine. Most guys go the other direction, bigger, but I
> like the little 6's economy. I like to go fast, but don't run WOT
> all that much. I'd say if I get 32mph or better that is good with
> me.
> ~Scott

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