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For those that don't know the history of OMC Electric Stringer sterndrives, SelecTrim was introduced as an answer to MerCrusier's hydraulic piston acuated power trim.

While our OMC were the first drives to feature an electric power tilt, the ball gears would wear out prematurely if you attemped to TRIM you boat's attitude using the electric tilt. Still a lot of guys thought it was cool to trim out an extra 1/2 mph with the tilt and burned out more than a few sets of ball gears that way.

SelecTrim was introduced several years (1972 -74?) after OMC/E/J boats ceased production in 1970. I believe the Selectrim were primarily offered on the GM 4's and Ford V8's and possibly the GM straight six, but OMC never offered SelecTrim on the Buick V6 or Chevy V8's.

I looked into and actually acquired a complete Slectrim setup with the idea of adapting it to the Chevy V8 when I converted from the Buick V6 to the Chevy V8. Selectrim basically allows the operator to rock the front engine mount up and down, which in turn alters the thrust angle of the prop. I ended up canning the idea for several reasons. It's simply much easier to accomplish the same thing with adjustable trim tabs and they offer the benefit of seperate P/S or left/right trimming if your over-weight mother-in-law is forcing your boat to pull to one side.

By the way, you can manually trim your motor by carefully shimming the front motor mounts, for a better trim angle.

My advice is SelecTrim pumps and motors are a pain in the butt.

Lee Shuster

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  I was thinking of getting this....what do you guys think?

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