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Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 20:59:50 EDT


I've got a 1964 Sweet 16 and they're pretty uncommon on our chain of lakes in
Wisconsin. There's a 16' Johnson Reveler with pretty much the identical hull
but with a Buick 155hp I/O a couple lakes over and that's it. Mine's
gray/white and his is yellow and they get looks when we tie up together.

Good luck with the 100S. Mine had a matching '64 StarFlite 90S on when I got
it but I wasn't so lucky and it threw a wrist pin and crapped out the first
season I had it. They can be finicky to tune. I've been running a '75 70hp
Erude since 1999 and had no problems at all.

Mike Stevesand

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