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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 10:38:34 EDT

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<< Does anyone
 know how to remove the worm gear? I've got the tilt gear out, just need to
 get access to the worm gear. I'm assuming the key is broken. >>

I forgot to mention that the gear that engages with the worm drive can be
and it will make the worm gear come out to the rear.

I think that if you remove the C clip and thrust bearing behind the worm gear
and pull up on the outdrive, the worm gear will exit the case. You can then
use a flashlight to see if the drive pin is still intact.

I can't remember if the shaft pulls out the rear or if the tilt motor must be
removed so the shaft can come out the front side of the housing. I would
think that it would pull out the back due to the drive pin's location.

Lee Hazen
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