[omc-boats] Seasport

From: Scott E. Veazie <scottveazie@...>
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 17:01:01 -0700

I took mine out today, had some issues, I think the ballast resistor I have
was too limiting, which caused it to die at certain low rpms, but run out
fine. I cracked the hull again where I just patched it on the keel, the
tilt stopped working (motor works, probably the key on the worm
gear).....all in all a pretty lousy day. I'm not worried about the tilt,
but I'm not pleased about having a cracked hull again....sigh. Does anyone
know how to remove the worm gear? I've got the tilt gear out, just need to
get access to the worm gear. I'm assuming the key is broken.


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