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I have a 69 Striker out drive and I have removed the worm gear several
times. Remove the C Clip on the back of the worm gear housing and after
removing the crescent shaped gear from the out drive just turn the mechanism
so that it appears you are raining the out drive. Some times the plug gets
dirty but it will come out. You tilt motor is not what allows the out drive
to come up in the event of am emergency. The clutch in the tilt mechanism is
what slips to allow the out drive to slide up . Good luck.

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<< Does anyone
 know how to remove the worm gear? I've got the tilt gear out, just need to

 get access to the worm gear. I'm assuming the key is broken. >>

I forgot to mention that the gear that engages with the worm drive can be
and it will make the worm gear come out to the rear.

I think that if you remove the C clip and thrust bearing behind the worm
and pull up on the outdrive, the worm gear will exit the case. You can then
use a flashlight to see if the drive pin is still intact.

I can't remember if the shaft pulls out the rear or if the tilt motor must
removed so the shaft can come out the front side of the housing. I would
think that it would pull out the back due to the drive pin's location.

Lee Hazen
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