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Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 17:55:27 EDT

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<< what i really want is the flip=open windshield on the johnson in
 TENNESSEE that one of our group guys has for sale.
 i know more about the chevy stuff and i dont like the closed bow of the
 mark >>

If I don't get any offers for my complete 1971 Johnson Surfer, I may consider
parting it out.

You will have to come here and remove the parts. I can not ship.

The outdrive is in very good condition. Stainless prop in very good condition.
Intermediate housing is good, ball gears show wear.
Seats, Green, are getting small cracks, but are still solid and complete.
Windshield is very good.
Front tarnu cover is very good.
Depth finder and radio in good shape.
Instruments look good - function unknown
Engine runs, but has water in oil problem.
Top frame is there, no top
Johnson trailer with surge brakes in good condition, w good tires/mag wheels
and new spare tire on original split rim. Brakes need servicing.
Hull has had a few below water repairs from scrapes. Looks good.

Open for any reasonable offer. Located in Hendersonville, TN near Nashville.

Tow this boat home and open your own parts department at your place.

Lee Hazen
615 824 2330

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