Re: [omc-boats] Anyone running battery switches, isolators, or combiners?

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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 07:23:23 -0700

A little time with Google found these Prestolite Parts:

Looks like they carry the part you broke as well as the brushes. Also
interesting is regulators which feature adjustable voltages.
I've wondered how the stock 14.2 V regulator will due on AGM or Gel


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> On Mon, 13 Mar 2006 lib1@... wrote:
>> Anybody, ever recall replacing the brushes on the Prestolite ALK
>> alternator?
>> It looks easy enough to do. I'm going to try and find a spare set of
>> brushes, just in case. I figured a dual battery setup would give a couple
>> hours of engine running time should an alternator or regular ever fail.
> I pulled my alternator apart last spring when I was having charging
> issues.
> The problem ended up being a bad the voltage regulator, but I had it
> completely apart and it appears that replacing brushes would be fairly
> trivial. The hard part would be finding the right brushes, but I'm
> guessing you could find a compatible part if you went to an automotive
> electrical shop with the old brushes.
> Just be careful when reassembling it - I had a part cockeyed and cracked
> off one of the tabs from my housing. I just JB-welded it and it's worked
> fine since then, but I'd hate to see someone else make the same mistake.
> A reman one-wire marine alternator, however, is not much over $100,
> Ethan
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