[omc-boats] Excellent Prestolite Spare Parts Source

From: Lee Shuster \(L1hhs\) <lib1@...>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 09:16:24 -0700


Since many of our boats are still running the original Prestolite
(ALK-series) alternator, (which has long since been out of production,)
I'd suggest Phil adds a link on the OMC site to their business:


I called them yesterday and ordered a set of diodes and brushes. Really
nice people. I highly recommend them. Reach them at:

Barsanco, Inc.

26674 Liberal, Centerline, Mi. 48015


1-596-755-1618 fax

e-mail: info@...
website: www.barsanco.com

Lee Shuster

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