Re: [omc-boats] 19' Johnson Surfer - intake manifold OK

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Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 11:39:34 -0400

Have you ever had any serious water build-up in the boat? Obviously there
are ways for water to get into an engine (dip stick, fill cap, vents, etc.)
othen that the worm trails in the block and manifold. 2 quarts is a lot,
but I pumped over 5 gallons out of my sailboat one year and never did
firgure out how it got in (never happened prior to nor again after that
single event). I presume you've ruled out that someone put the water there
either by accident or on purpose. Fortuantely I haven't had to contend with
any damaged blocks, but I've dealt with many frozen plumbing pipes over the
years. From that experience I can tell you that cracks definitely don't
have to appear where you expect them and it only takes a tiny fraction of
what you may think to cause a crack. No brilliant insights here, but being
separate, closed systems, there are only so many ports, passages, seals,
openings, etc. for it to come in. Maybe if you can gather enough
information to create a layout of each system that might help you trace
areas that haven't been explored yet? Sorry I'm not of more help. Good

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> Guys,
> I talked to my mechanic yesterday. They removed the input manifold and
> could not find a souce of the water leak into the engine block. He
> that it might be a head gasket or a crack from a frozen block.
> None of the freeze plugs were disturbed which makes me think that freezing
> may not be the problem.
> I ran the engine about 15 seconds after I got the boat home and it sounded
> normal (2 years ago) so I'm doubtful of a head gasket problem.
> Can anyone think of any other way that water could have gotten in the oil?
> I'd say that there were about 2 quarts of oil thoroughly mixed with the
> with a consistancy of honey - looked like grey honey.
> I will sell this boat as-is, where-is with the manifold re-installed and
> the original Johnson tilt trailer. I have $1,000 invested not including
> bill for removing and re-mounting the intake manifold (edelbrock).
> If I can't get any offers, I'm going to consider parting out the boat. I
> know the
> out drive is in good condition and its' sale alone should recover my
> investment.
> There is a nice stereo and a very nice depth finder installed in the boat,
> if one of you wants to buy it and repair it or part it out, that's fine.
> Make me an offer - - -
> Lee Hazen
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