Re: [omc-boats] Good OMC Buick V6 / Johnson "Surfer" for sale

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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 11:16:06 EST

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<< I'm involved a project to re-power my 1966 Sportsman 150. Call me insane,
but I plan to remove the perfectly good, original Buick V6 (150 -155 hp) and
replace it with a newer Chevy V6 or SBC of 215-225 hp). I'm hoping the extra
power will push the boat at 45 - 50 mph, so my boating pals don't leave me in
their wakes. >>

Your outdrive unit is not rated for that extra HP. You'll probably need the
drive that is used on the Johnson "Surfer" with the 210 hp V-8 engine.

I've not gotten a chance to swap out the intake manifold gaskets on my 71
Surfer - 19' w/Johnson trailer. I'm knee deep in replacing the floor on my
pontoon boat "Serenity Now" .

I'm open to offers for my Johnson Surfer AS-IS, Where-Is - Hendersonville, TN.
I have $1,100 invested and need to find a new home for it. It would be a good
source of ann out drive for the 210 hp boats. It also has a stainless prop.

Lee Hazen
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