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Hi Guys:
I am new to the group but not to the OMC boats. I currently own a Sweet
16 which is the process of its fourth repair (not restoration). I got
the boat in 1985 and rigged it with a 1985 115hp Yamaha Outboard engine.
The boat will move along at 45-48 mph.
I have repainted the boat (2), rebuilt the floor (2), repaired the
transom (1), rebuilt the transom (1), re-foamed under the floor boards
(2), my Dad sunk the boat at the mooring (2), rebuilt the power head
(1), custom built a stainless steel 28 gal built-in tank (1), repainted
the original Evinrude trailer.
My current and last repair project has a budget of $16,000. Not bad for
a $500 boat. If the boat were any bigger, I would be locked up in a
padded room. There are some that say the Jury is still out.
The reason I continue with the above is when I am in the boat, I am 20
years old and my Dad (who passed last year) is 45 years old. We had a
Sweet 16 when were grew up as Kiddos in Rhode Island. I will do almost
anything to keep that feeling.
With regards to water skiing, I think the boat is great. I have added a
ski pylon in front of the motor well. The tripod arms are mounted on
the rear decks. I drilled a hole in the rear gunwhale to permanently
floor mount the pylon. By moving the point of pull in front of the
engine, three good things happen. 1) The point of pull is closer to the
center of effort and makes steering the boat a snap. 2) The line is
higher above the water and helps skiers get up easier. The pull is more
in an upward direction. and 3) I don't have hands and ski lines in the
water/prop area. My spotter can easily keep the line out of harms way.
I also have a Sportsman 155 without a motor and out drive but the hull
and the folding windshield in very good shape on a galvanized roller
trailer with a spare tire for sale.
Thank you for letting me introduce myself and comment on rigging for
water skiing. If anyone would like more info on parts and repairs, feel
free to em for more information.
David Avedesian
Silver Spring/Annapolis, Maryland
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I have a 1969 155hp Johnson Reveler and it is an awesome ski boat. I
replaced the tilt motor (paid the marine repair shop to do it I should
say) after replacing one solonoid last fall, it is still not out of
storage, we will give it a go this week. It has been three years of one
thing needing repair after the next. I also am curious about towing
with tilt motor up or down, I have only towed it in the up position.
Good to read that there are die-hards out there willing to save these
dinosaurs. Paige Kuypers in New England
mike.s.sweeney@... wrote:
The old Johnson Caprice (90 Hp 4 seater V4) I knew, blew rods through 2
crankcases. A 120hp or 155 hp Johnson Reveler has been my favorite.
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> How good are the 90hp 2-cycle I/O motors that were used on the earlier
> boats at pulling water skiiers? One of the things I would plan to do
with a
> boat would be quite a bit of skiing, and I'm wondering what the
> is that I would need for pulling an average sized person.
> Thanks again,
> Joe
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