[OMC-Boats] More follow up on the flag emblems

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Got a call from Jack at Denbro this afternoon. Had a nice discussion. He
agreed to look at the part and give me a quote. We are in the very early
stages and it could go any number of ways. He really did not remember the
part and was not there back then. Will keep you posted as things develop.

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Never got a call back from the Denbro people in Toledo Ohio about the
plastic flag emblems. I learned of another supplier from Toledo Ohio and
that is the Prestolite Company that made the motors like tilt and
alternators. Seems Toledo was a hot bed of industry back then. Wonder who in
Toledo made the rub rails?! Will mull the problem a while longer. Not ready
to do the epoxy thing yet. Would like to have it injection molded etc. Will
post results later. Hope all are enjoying the summer. I have been working on
a 69 Sportsman lately and it is coming along at a slow pace but am enjoying
it. Tom K.
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