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I may have a source that could do the cad work and use 3d resin printer to
make decent replicas though the surface might not be perfectly smooth - I
will check into it but it may take awhile. If it works out they would be
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> Hello;
> I also have been wanting to replace the OMC/Evinrude Emblems on my 67
> Sportsman. Mine are in the same shape as Tom described.
> (I also want to replace the OMC decal which is on the top of my omc stern
> drive unit because my decal is completely faded out.)
> My thought earlier this year was to get some modeling clay and press it
> over the red and blue flag emblems.
> Then fill in the flag impressions with something that squeezes out of a
> tube and dries hard. maybe something like a two part epoxy or gasket sealer
> which dries hard, anythin just something that dries hard.
> Then take my dremel tool and shave down the excess material and paint each
> flag accordingly.
> My second thought was to just replace the 3-D emblems with 2 dimensianal
> flag decals (one red and the other blue).
> But after reading Micahs post I think I check into that method first.
> Guess my final decision for which way to replace will depend on
> cost. (Don't have as full of a wallet as I had ten years ago.)
> On another note; Replacement Evinrude trailer decals are now
> available on Ebay. I purchased 2 decals last year and they were
> excellent quality replacements. I don't know about anyone else but I like
> to keep my Evinrude trailer looking good also.
> D.M.
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