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From: BC Howk <bchowk@...>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 10:54:12 -0500 (CDT)
Yeah, sometimes I wonder about my tach as well (although not wildly off like ya'll). One of these days I'll get around to that HEI conversion too but after hearing about JD's maybe I need to research a little more about this Tach issue.
I came accross this test that I have been meaning to try with my flouresent drop light. But then say your off just a little and it's clearly not a matter of connecting to the 6 cylinder lug on the back of the tach, what then?
Maybe it'd be worth a call to this guy out in forest grove (For the Pacific Northwesters) He may be able to give you some tips about how to calibrate the stock tach. perhaps they could take the internals of a modern tack and put it inside your stock case?
Glad to hear ya'll are both out there enjoying your boats. I've had mine out once thus far due to a trailer bearing break down (long story and is my own darn fault for not doing the maintenance). Think I have that sorted but have been waiting to find time to give it a thorough test before posting anything about it.
Anyway, for those here in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) perhaps we should consider meeting up on the river and comparing notes. My summer appears to be booking up fast, thinking sometime mid August?

Jul 13, 2010 06:09:05 PM, jdood@... wrote:
>ahh so you sound like you are having the same tach prob as me. Yeah,
>i'm going by sound also - but i'd prefer not to. I put a new tach
>my last year, maybe it has some sort of calibration adjust screw in
>the back. but then I have to know where to adjust it to anyway. If
>it does, I may just get it to where it says about 900 at idle - close
>enough to get by with for awhile.
>On Jul 13, 2010, at 1:41 PM, Scott Veazie wrote:
>> Good to hear J.D.! I've been out twice, once I had the original
>> coil fail, the second time was fine except for one tiny stumble.
>> Probably time to clean the tank's filter. I also had my single-
>> lever control's switch fail in the driveway, glad it happened
>> there. Needless to say, it would not shift anymore so I went back
>> to the original push buttons. Might just leave it that way.
>> As far as tachs go, mine too reads high, around 1500 at idle and I
>> KNOW it's not there. Redlines at cruise but I know what over 5000
>> sounds like. Can these be re-calibrated?
>> ~Scott
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>> > Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 13:12:32 -0700
>> > Subject: [OMC-Boats] oh happy day
>> >
>> > well for anyone who has been following or remembers my boat saga,
>> > think i finally have a happy ending.....(said with extreme
>> > anxiety) The latest prob for this season was that even though it
>> > started last year, this year i was somehow not getting any
>> > spark. Long story shortened, It seemed to have been my
>> > pertronix kit on my distributor. Faulty ground wire. That was
>> > pretty much the only thing left to trace it to. In the researching
>> > around process I also found out that I don't have a 155 odd fire,
>> > actually have a 231 even fire. Won't go into that now. So I
>> > happened to have an extra HEI on hand, It fit under the cowling,
>> > and she started up immediately and ran smooth right off the bat. So
>> > I have ditched the coil and ballast resister now. I've had her
>> > twice and both times have been w/o any running issues. The only
>> > issue is that my tach is inaccurately showing really high RPMs.
>> > It didn't before with the previous distributor. But now with this
>> HEI
>> > it is - yet the engine doesn't seem to be running faster. For
>> > example, at 1/2 throttle going about 15-20mph the tach reads
>> > 5500-6000. But doesn't sound like 5500-6000. Same prop as before
>> > the HEI. It just seems to be a gauge reading thing. I have the
>> > HEI connection right, grey wire right to the cap where it's labeled
>> > "tach" - hard to get wrong. Any theories on that are welcome.
>> > So other than this RPM/tach thing, she seems to be running great!
>> >
>> > A huge thanks to BC Howk from this list who helped me ton throughout
>> > this latest phase of problem chasing. Thanks BC!
>> >
>> > Jeff
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