[OMC-Boats] oh happy day

From: jd <jdood@...>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 13:12:32 -0700

well for anyone who has been following or remembers my boat saga, i
think i finally have a happy ending.....(said with extreme
anxiety) The latest prob for this season was that even though it
started last year, this year i was somehow not getting any
spark. Long story shortened, It seemed to have been my
pertronix kit on my distributor. Faulty ground wire. That was
pretty much the only thing left to trace it to. In the researching
around process I also found out that I don't have a 155 odd fire, I
actually have a 231 even fire. Won't go into that now. So I
happened to have an extra HEI on hand, It fit under the cowling,
and she started up immediately and ran smooth right off the bat. So
I have ditched the coil and ballast resister now. I've had her out
twice and both times have been w/o any running issues. The only
issue is that my tach is inaccurately showing really high RPMs.
It didn't before with the previous distributor. But now with this HEI
it is - yet the engine doesn't seem to be running faster. For
example, at 1/2 throttle going about 15-20mph the tach reads
5500-6000. But doesn't sound like 5500-6000. Same prop as before
the HEI. It just seems to be a gauge reading thing. I have the
HEI connection right, grey wire right to the cap where it's labeled
"tach" - hard to get wrong. Any theories on that are welcome.
So other than this RPM/tach thing, she seems to be running great!

A huge thanks to BC Howk from this list who helped me ton throughout
this latest phase of problem chasing. Thanks BC!

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