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From: jd <jdood@...>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 14:35:44 -0700

ahh so you sound like you are having the same tach prob as me. Yeah,
i'm going by sound also - but i'd prefer not to. I put a new tach in
my last year, maybe it has some sort of calibration adjust screw in
the back. but then I have to know where to adjust it to anyway. If
it does, I may just get it to where it says about 900 at idle - close
enough to get by with for awhile.

On Jul 13, 2010, at 1:41 PM, Scott Veazie wrote:

> Good to hear J.D.! I've been out twice, once I had the original
> coil fail, the second time was fine except for one tiny stumble.
> Probably time to clean the tank's filter. I also had my single-
> lever control's switch fail in the driveway, glad it happened
> there. Needless to say, it would not shift anymore so I went back
> to the original push buttons. Might just leave it that way.
> As far as tachs go, mine too reads high, around 1500 at idle and I
> KNOW it's not there. Redlines at cruise but I know what over 5000
> sounds like. Can these be re-calibrated?
> ~Scott
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> >
> > well for anyone who has been following or remembers my boat saga, i
> > think i finally have a happy ending.....(said with extreme
> > anxiety) The latest prob for this season was that even though it
> > started last year, this year i was somehow not getting any
> > spark. Long story shortened, It seemed to have been my
> > pertronix kit on my distributor. Faulty ground wire. That was
> > pretty much the only thing left to trace it to. In the researching
> > around process I also found out that I don't have a 155 odd fire, I
> > actually have a 231 even fire. Won't go into that now. So I
> > happened to have an extra HEI on hand, It fit under the cowling,
> > and she started up immediately and ran smooth right off the bat. So
> > I have ditched the coil and ballast resister now. I've had her out
> > twice and both times have been w/o any running issues. The only
> > issue is that my tach is inaccurately showing really high RPMs.
> > It didn't before with the previous distributor. But now with this
> > it is - yet the engine doesn't seem to be running faster. For
> > example, at 1/2 throttle going about 15-20mph the tach reads
> > 5500-6000. But doesn't sound like 5500-6000. Same prop as before
> > the HEI. It just seems to be a gauge reading thing. I have the
> > HEI connection right, grey wire right to the cap where it's labeled
> > "tach" - hard to get wrong. Any theories on that are welcome.
> > So other than this RPM/tach thing, she seems to be running great!
> >
> > A huge thanks to BC Howk from this list who helped me ton throughout
> > this latest phase of problem chasing. Thanks BC!
> >
> > Jeff
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