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I sent an e-mail to the guy with the Reveler to see if he's willing to part
it out himself. I only want some trim parts so if he's interested in
shipping engine/drive parts, I'll let everyone know. Btw, I also contacted
the guy in Toledo with the Reveler, but never got a response.


Btw, on my prior e-mail, Belle Tire had the best price and I meant to say
the trailer stores (local or online) were marginally worse ($50-60/tire vs.
$40) than Belle, not better.




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For your armchair boating pleasure - a bounty of beauties!

1966 Evenrude Trihaul - rochester NY - $1,650

1966 Sport 16 in Reno - $1,250

'68 Sportsman in the PNW - $400!

1970 Sportfisherman 19 - Carthage MO $800

1970 Tri Boat - no trailer - Chicago - I-4 - $500

This is a repost of an ad run 3-8 - he should be softened up by now :~)

Surfer - in Canada - I think

1968 Reveler parts boat $200 Joplin MO




in Denver



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