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From: Don Mandelas <dmandelas@...>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2010 23:34:20 -0800


Okay, I'll add my comments to this discussion in order to obtain a consensus.


I still use the original Evinrude Boat trailer that came with my 1967 Evinrude Sportsman 155.
What I like about the Evinrude Trailer.
The I beam construction is strong. I'm not worried about it falling apart.
I like the hand crank tilt system on this trailer. I do use it. When I tilt the trailer the boat just rolls off. I like watching the boat roll off without anyone touching it.
The tilt system also helps me load the boat during August when the lake water around my area is low. The tilt helps by allowing me to tilt the rear of the trailer down into the water a few more inches in order to get under the boat.
I liked the original tie down system on this trailer (when I used them).
They were quick and easy to operate. I liked how the tie down ropes were mounted permanently to each side of the trailer and then fasented to a corresponding deck cleat on each side of the boat, this made them hard to lose. I liked how I could check on the tie downs as I traveled down the road by merely looking into the side view mirrors of my vehicle.
According to the Evinrude brochure the trailer was made to support the hull sufficiently,
As of today I see no ill effects on my boat from just sitting on the trailer.
I like the overall style of this trailer, it does not have a lot of ugly rollers mounted onto it like the old easyloader boat trailers of the 60s and 70s.
I like the style of the 1967 trailer fender and the way it was mounted onto the trailer. The fender was strong enough to use as a step and it looks more sporty than the fenders of today.


I like the Red color of the trailer, it hides the small rust spots. (unlike white trailers)


I like the two speed winch (with trailer brake) that came with the Evinrude trailer.


I like using the flip down parking wheel. Its fast and easy to operate.
I like how the boat is showcased on this trailer.


What I do not like about the Evinrude Trailer.
I belive the tire size on this trailer is too small ( 6.90 x 9). I am always worried about the tires blowing out as I travel down the freeway. I limit my highway speed to 60 mph. Replacement tires are limited.

I liked the original tie down system of yesteryear but today for added safety I have changed to the heavy duty 2.00 inch Transom straps that are used to secure all boats onto trailers today.
Some of The 1967 Evinrude Sportsman Trailers were equippd with a shorter tongue. In my opinion this shorter tongue made loading my boat more difficult. Difficult because I cold not back my trailer into the water deep enough for the trailer to get fully under the boat.

When the trailer could not get fully under the boat then I had to winch the boat up out of the water until it rested on the rear most roller, then I could get it to roll forward like normal onto the trailer. The weight of the boat is heavy. I belive the weight of the boat as it rolled up, onto, and across the rear most 2.50 inch diameter trailer roller, weaked the keel section of my boats bow. Because of this damage I strongly recommend extending the tongue on the short version Evinrude trailer. The Envinrude manual instructs the owner to back the trailer into the water until the rear most roller is two to three inches above the water. I now back the trailer into the water until the boat floats two or three inches above the rear most roller in order to avoid further damaging my keel at the bow. Also, Since I now load the boat by this method I have added trailer guides to keep my boat from floating over the fenders and off the trailer.


I do not like the thickness of the rubber bow stop. I wish it was made of thicker rubber. Sometimes my boat gets pressed into the bow stop too deep and becomes damaged by the metal which houses the rubber bow stop.


I do not like the style of coupler that is on this trailer. It has a "Thread on Coupler Knob".

I do not like this coupler system because I cannot Paddle Lock the trailer onto the hitch ball.
I intend to change it this spring to the lockable style.


Regarding trailer axles, I do not know much about the original torque arm suspension system. My boat was modified several years ago and now has a straigt axle with leaf springs. The modification was performed by the previous owner of the trailer. I am Thankful.



In conclusion,

I have always like the look of the Original Evinrude Trailer, but today I definately see benefits in owning the more modern trailer.




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