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> Does you 1964-hybrid have the rear mounts "hung" from the top of the
> transom? Look for the rubber isolation "donuts" near the tilt
> relays? As opposed to later models which used four floor-mount,
> motor mounts?

Mine has both. Top of transom and floor

> Let's agree on the OMC terminology:
> 1) Powerhead -- the engine CRANKCASE block
> 2) Adaptor Housing -- sits between the CRANKCASE assembly and the
> INTERMEDIATE housing (inside the center of the flywheel is a shaft
> coupling)
> 3) Intermediate housing -- sits inside the boat between the ADAPTOR
> Housing and the transom boot
> I'd take the outdrive off. It's only 4-bolts and two wires. Set it
> aside in a safe place.
> Then I'd leave the rubber boot bolted to the transom and loosen the
> stainless steel ring that seals the boot to the intermediate.
> Then I'd pull out the CRANKCASE/ADAPTOR/ INTERMEDIATE as a unit. It
> will be easier to separate out of the boat.
> Anyone else that's done this want to chime in?
> Lee
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> Guys- if I undo all these bolts around where the "adaptor housing"
> connects to the "crankcase assembly" and the front motor mount bolts,
> (if I sound like an expert it's because I've consulted my manual:)
> and I have all the periferal stuff disconnected, will I just be able
> to hook up a hoist an lift out the engine w/o needing to mess with
> the outdrive and transom seal stuff??? It looks like it but I want
> to confirm before I go buy a hoist, etc.
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