[OMC-Boats] Cylinder #1

From: jd <jdood@...>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 15:24:03 -0700

I got up super close and checked out this one. No "pitting". But
some little dings from about 4 o'clock to 8 o'clock. Right where
gravity would hold something. Wish iPhones had macro lenses, but it
looks like teeth marks from a cat or something. Could a cat have
gotten in there? Sorry. Anyway, now i wondering if this is related
and i just missed whatever came out of there when i took off the
head. Regardless, still cant see how spmething that would cause such
tiny nicks could mske such a big noise and cause stalling. Plus I
thought the zero gap plug came out of the middle, not this one.

Option 1, I put everything back together and do a test to see if noise
still there. Possibly wont be now that whatever caused nicks on
piston 1 is gone. Keep in mind boat ran great judt before this noise.
Old head gaskets seem pretty good / recent. No sticking, still in
tact. Ok to re-use?

Opion 2
Take out engine, inspect oil pan, etc. Probably done for season.
Again....will undoing the front motor mounts and those back bolts
around flywheel housing allow me to pull the engine out with a hoist?

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