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Does you 1964-hybrid have the rear mounts "hung" from the top of the transom? Look for the rubber isolation "donuts" near the tilt relays? As opposed to later models which used four floor-mount, motor mounts?

Let's agree on the OMC terminology:

1) Powerhead -- the engine CRANKCASE block
2) Adaptor Housing -- sits between the CRANKCASE assembly and the INTERMEDIATE housing (inside the center of the flywheel is a shaft coupling)
3) Intermediate housing -- sits inside the boat between the ADAPTOR Housing and the transom boot

I'd take the outdrive off. It's only 4-bolts and two wires. Set it aside in a safe place.
Then I'd leave the rubber boot bolted to the transom and loosen the stainless steel ring that seals the boot to the intermediate.
Then I'd pull out the CRANKCASE/ADAPTOR/ INTERMEDIATE as a unit. It will be easier to separate out of the boat.

Anyone else that's done this want to chime in?


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Guys- if I undo all these bolts around where the "adaptor housing"
connects to the "crankcase assembly" and the front motor mount bolts,
(if I sound like an expert it's because I've consulted my manual:) and I have all the periferal stuff disconnected, will I just be able to hook up a hoist an lift out the engine w/o needing to mess with the outdrive and transom seal stuff??? It looks like it but I want to confirm before I go buy a hoist, etc.
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