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The foam is "closed cell foam" meaning it should not take water into the
little bubbles of foam (for lack of a better explanation) and become
waterlogged. The question arises how much water is logged into the floor of
your boat and no one can answer that without removal of the foam. I would
GUESS that there are a couple gallons of water in there which translates
into added weight. That probably is no problem except when you close that
all up will you get rot to the undersurface or your wood? Probably not in
your lifetime. I had similar condition with my Rogue and refoamed the floor
with a two part foam that is like the original foam and is easy to get - the
process is tedious and I am not sure worth all the effort. The foam under
the engine compartment can't realistically be reached without taking the 2
boat halves apart The foam is necessary for floatation in case of
catastrophy and also provides hull stabiltiy and deadens sound. My hull also
had longitudinal stringers embedded in the foam - these had some rot at
their forward ends. You can dig around in the foam and tell somewhat how
much water is in there. I think the center locker is a good idea. I have
always liked that helm forward design. TK----- Original Message -----
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> 1. '67 Evinrude Explorer (forward helm) (BLDFW)
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> I recently came into posession of a '67 Evinrude Explorer.? I saw one one
> time as a kid and through I could not remember the name or make, I
> distinctly remember the far forward helm.? This one has the V6 and OMC
> outdrive.?
> ?
> Anyway, I am replacing the rear flooring deck.? The flooring was rotted
> out at the rear in front of the engine compartment so I opted to remove
> the entire rear deck from the plastic helm riser to the engine compartment
> (about 76") and replace it with fresh resined decking.? I've redesigned it
> use the center below deck space and have?installed?a center below floor
> storage locker.?
> ?
> Question:? Aside from the decking and the upper rear most?vertical corners
> of the 1/2 plywood containing?the styrofoam on each side, the boat is
> seems pretty solid.? I'm not sure how long it's been out of the elements
> but the foam feels slightly damp in various places.? I think the plywood
> further rear of the decking?on both?the port and starboard side of the
> engine might be damp and somewhat degraded but it is under the rear seats
> and engine compartment cover so do I need to be concerned???I can't really
> do much about it without removing the entire top of the boat.? Will the
> foam eventually dry out?
> ?
> Thanks.
> ?
> Bill
> Dallas, TX
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> Today's Topics:
> 1. Sport Fisherman (Thomas Klauber)
> The boats have a lot of styrofoam under the deck and this can get
> waterlogged if left out in the elements. The
> wooden components of the hull will rot allowing this water to get under
> the
> deck into the foam.
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