Re: [OMC-Boats] Engine RPM and Boat Speed

From: Don Mandelas <dmandelas@...>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 23:26:35 -0700

Well, Just to let everyone know.
Last week I followed Lee Schusters advise and contacted Roy Hansen who owns an OMC certified repair shop in Salt Lake City. According to Roy (and I'll relay this information as best as I can remember) a possible reason why I may be traveling slower than normal at 3,500 rpms may be that the Lower unit forward clutch hub and/or forward clutch spring may have worn causing the hub not to engaged the propeller shaft fully. He advised me that a new forward clutch hub/and or forward clutch spring may be needed. He advised me that if I wanted, in order to save some money, I could swap the clutch spring from the reverse hub and place it in the forward hub (Since both hubs use the same spring on my lower unit). I found Roys information very interesting and In the future I may try replacing the forward hub and spring.
This weekend I was able to obtained a timing light and digitally measure the revalutions per minute of my V-6 155 hp boat engine.
I discovered that when the timing light indicated 1,100 RPM's my boat tachometer was reading 1,000 RPM's. And, when the timing light indicated 4,000 RPM's my boat tachometer was reading 3,000 RPM's. This means my tachometer is reading a full 1,000 rpms below what it should be on the higher end of the scale and is probably the primary reason why I am going slower than normal. I'll replace the tachometer and try the boat again.
Thanks again for everyones help,
Don Mandelas
Washington State.
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