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Hi Kenneth,

Wow. Running a 19" SST is like running a 20" Alumin. That's a lot of pitch
to swing, especially at Western altitudes. That baby must move right along
at idle RPM? How do you bring her into a dock?

I'd say if you can over-rev a 19" prop (assuming standard gearing)
something's gotta be slipping. Have you tried different props?

BTW, 90 hp 16-fters would get a little more than 30 mph when new. Of course
they had a weight savings advantage over the 4 strokes.


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> Don -
> Please do let us know what you find out; I've got a 1968 Seasport-II 155
> with similar issues; Slower than Lee's stuff says it should be and I'm
> running a 19" stainless prop. Seems like I've got plenty of power, can't
> run it at WOT because it'll over-rev, but really can't get above 30MPH.
> Slippage somewhere sounds like a very interesting idea - had a car once
> with a bad clutch which behaved kinda similarly.
> Kenneth Fingerlos
> Northern Idaho
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>> Thank's Again everyone for your help and advice!
>> You have given me some good ideas that could help fix my problem.
>> Starting Tommorow morning I will look into the tackometer issue to see if
>> it
>> is reading correctly,
>> And, I will contact a qualified OMC repair man to see what can be done if
>> the forward clutch hub is slipping.
>> And Thank you for asking, Yes, I am using Type C lower unit gear lube.
>> Don Mandelas
>> Washington State.
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