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From: JEFF DOOD <jdood@...>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 08:41:48 -0700

i just rebuilt my carb last weekend (first time i've ever rebuilt any
carb) and there was a lot of sediment in the bottom of the carb
body. got it all back to clean and sparkly.

i have an inline "fuel water separator" filter thing. does that
also act as a fuel filter? looks like an car oil filter - seems
like it should be acting as a fuel filter, although it's obviously not
doing a very good job.

i even have a 3 year old plastic tank and new lines. all that
sediment must have been from gas sitting in the lines for a year+ not
being used ?

On Jul 22, 2008, at 5:21 PM, D. F. Julien, AIA wrote:

> Hi Bob
> I had a similar stalling problem once. The problem was traced to
> crud in
> some gas from a derelict marina - rust and scale from their tanks
> ending up
> in mine. It would clog the fuel filter after a while - then no more
> gas
> could get through, the engine would quit. Eventually we gave up
> replacing
> the filters and had to pull the gas tank for a good cleaning - ugh.
> Bought any suspect gas? Congratulations on getting your boat running.
> -Doug Julien
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>> Hi everyone!
>> I so enjoy reading all of the entries and learning more and more
>> about these wonderful Ol' Evinrudes and Johnsons.
>> We have a 1966 Johnson Caprice.
>> We have owned it for 3 yrs.
>> Last summer 2007 we got it running for 1st time in 10 years.
>> * carb was rebuilt (thanks to parts from Sea-Way in Seattle)
>> * new coil as old one shot keeping ignition turned on (learned that
>> on
> this
>> website!!)
>> * all new lead assembly and Spark plug terminal assy.
>> * new distributor cap and lead assy to coil
>> * replaced points and condensor.
>> * rewired under dash and installed a horn.
>> * new ignition installed.
>> * new CD/radio and speakers installed. (we don't use it)
>> * steering works well.
>> * tilt motor works well (sometimes I have to toggle the switch a bit)
>> * timing was adjusted on testdrive
>> We took it out 3 different weekends and each time she started right
>> up
>> and ran nicely. Each time for 2 hours aprox.
>> At the end of last summer (labor day) we noticed it would run fine
>> for
>> about one hour and then at full throttle it started missing and
>> slowly
>> wanted to quit. It would start and It would throttle up fine for
>> about
>> a minute and want to quit.
>> No time to get it in to the shop so I winterized it.
>> * This spring we got her in to the shop and have cleaned the carb
>> again
> and she runs fine
>> for about 1 hour and then wants to quit at full speed or mid speed.
>> Any suggestions??? Thanks. This is a great website. Bob & Barb
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