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Hi Joey.

Interesting problem. I'm far from being and expert but it sounds like you
lost the gears between your engine and outdrive. If you have the outdrive I
think you have look at you outdrive from the top and see if the ( Finger
Gears) I don't know the correct name . Are they still there. If that lets go
you have no connection between the engine and out drive. If they are still
there you might be looking at a problem in the out drive. Best person to ask
is Lee. He runs this forum and is the man. I do know that the finger gears
are almost impossible to find. There are several books on ebay about the
boat and out drive. I have one. Also have the same book on CD I would be
willing to copy and send you a copy. Let me know. Joe Knight knight@...



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Hey All, I have a 1970 Johnson Surfer and today we were in the lake
cruising at about 35mph then all of a sudden the motor reved up and the prop
stop spinning. At first I thought maybe I spun the prop, but I had a spare,
put it on, and it still didn't spin. I put it in reverse, it ran for a
little, then the same thing...motor reved and prop stopped spinning. Anyone
know what the problem might be? Hope not too major.... :-( Thanks for any
replies, ~Joey


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