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Hey Jeff look on the outside back corners about a foot towards the bow. Do
you have scoops there. They are only about one inch open and 5-6 inches

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On Jul 22, 2008, at 10:23 AM, mckeown wrote:

> Running the blower while underway is unnecessary if your factory
> venting system in intact. The original venting was designed to meet
> USCG specs. My '71 has two rear-facing vents with long 3" hoses
> attached. These hoses run to the bottom of the bilge so that
> whenever the boat is in forward motion, any fumes are being pulled
> out of the boat.

ahh - that's what those are for. i think i am missing the hoses then.
> There are also two forward-facing air intakes that supply air for
> cooling and combustion to the engine compartment.

don't have these. not on cowling, not on hull. but then again,
are we talking the same boats here? i have a johnson deluxe, single
engine I/O. engine and cowling sit right in the middle of the
back. bubble cowling covers just the engine - leaving those two nice
useless too small for jump seat areas on either side of the
compartment. my cowling does have a nice angled flat section on
the front where it looks like something is supposed to go - either an
emblem or a grill or something. but i find it hard to believe that
just got left off somewhere. anyone else have this exact same

so it looks like all my engine is getting is whatever it can draw in
from the back grills, without the hoses that are suppose to be there.

> Any addition of grilled openings would only increase noise; you'd
> see no change at all in engine cooling or performance. Remember,
> unlike a car where all waste heat comes out of the radiator and
> through the engine compartment, waste heat in our boats goes into
> the lake!
> Bob
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