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Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2008 21:03:07 -0500

Spent a fabulous day on Lake Huron in our 1967 Johnson Reveler today.  It was almost cut short when I discovered water coming in from the block.  My first thought was "Oh, no!  I missed something during winterizing," but it turned out to be the petcock for the port side of the block.  It wasn't in all the way, but once I screwed it in all the way, it continued leaking through the valve itself.  As a short term fix, I just filled the petcock with caulking and let it harden, but I'd like to get a more permanent fix in place.  Does anyone have experience with these valves -- know how they seat to seal?  Unfortunately I can't get a good look at it from the side.  I pulled up the drawings on and all it shows is a stand pipe, threaded fitting, and the petcock.  I thought there might be an o-ring that fell out when I had the block pulled last fall, but nothing shows in the drawings -- does the petcock just bottom out in the fitting?  Any guidance would be appreciated!  Othe!
 r than that, she ran fantastic!

Also, with respect to the trim tabs that bolt onto the stern drive itself, I forgot to reinstall mine after having the drive pulled and it took noticably longer to plane and was harder to hold on plane at the slower speeds the kids were wanting to tube at (it was a bit choppy today).  I'll definitely be re-installing them before heading out again tomorrow.  I forget the brand, but it was Dol-fin or something-fin if I remember right.  I can check if anyone wants to know.

Andy Perakes

1967 Johnson Reveler

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